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We are wholesale distributor for human and veterinary medicine and we passionate about our work – reliable, quick and at fair prices.

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DOCANO – Pharmaceutical Wholesaler

As a European-wide pharmaceutical wholesaler based in Leverkusen, we specialise in the procurement of secure medicines in the field of human and veterinary medicine. We supply our customers throughout Europe with medicines from Germany. Thanks to our partner network, we are able to also procure difficult products quickly and reliably from other countries in order to close supply gaps promptly.

We have many years of experience in pharmaceutical wholesale and can therefore guarantee you the best possible quality and prices for the delivery of medicines. DOCANO GmbH is, of course, in possession of a current wholesale licence for human and veterinary medicine as well as valid GDP certificates.

Personal & fast

We process every enquiry and order personally and promptly. You will receive information on availability, delivery time and price at short notice. We also deliver products that are difficult to obtain promptly.

Fair prices

Medicines are expensive and margins are low. Of course, you want to purchase economically. For this reason, we also purchase at a price as low as possible for you. For us, this is not a contradiction, but a challenge.

Reliable & experienced

DOCANO is a young company, but we have known the market very well for many years. When we accept an order, you can rely on it: We do everything to deliver.

No flat-rate minimum purchase

We find better ways and sophisticated solutions for your needs to procure even hard-to-find medicines for you. Minimum order quantities are only a hindrance. We are also happy to supply you with individual packages or small quantities from a single batch.

DOCANO Human Medicine – we bring people into balance

Medication safety is extremely important for patients. We procure even the smallest quantities of medicines quickly and reliably as required and supply an extensive range of cytostatics, vaccines, orphan drugs and medicines for clinical trials. We also deliver life-saving medicines promptly to where there are gaps in supply.

We specialise in procuring medicines that are temporarily unavailable in the destination country and procure exactly the medicines that are needed. In this way, we minimise the risk for patients that would be associated with a change of medication.


Our value proposition:

  • Fair prices
  • Honest partnership
  • Personal service
  • Short reaction times
  • Reliable & speedy delivery
  • Secure medicines


Our range of services:

  • Medicines
  • Cold chain products
  • Orphan Drugs
  • Cytostatics
  • Vaccines
  • Medicinal products for clinical trials
  • Unlicensed Drugs
  • Emergency medication


What we do not do

  • BTM / Narcotics
  • Medical gases
  • Medicines from blood
  • Radioactive medicines

DOCANO Pet Medicine – we bring health to four paws

Cats are preceded by the myth that they have 7 lives. Like all pets, cats of course only have 1 life. In order to protect the long-term health of pets, and thus also of their owners, we offer a wide range of licensed veterinary medicines and supplementary feeds. We also deliver emergency medications promptly to where they are urgently needed.

Our range of services:

  • Veterinary medicines
  • Antiparasitics for the prevention and treatment of parasite infections
  • Anti-infectives against infectious diseases caused by bacteria or viruses
  • Repurposed medicinal products – e.g. from the human sector
  • Supplementary feed
  • CBD for pets
  • Preparations for euthanasia

Fast and personal service for:
Veterinarians, veterinary clinics and pharmacies

DOCANO Farm Animal Medicine – we combine animal welfare and productivity

The prevention of diseases in farm animals is essential for the success and sustainability of a farm. We procure cost-effective, readily available, licensed veterinary medicines for farm animals that ensure high-quality care and are essential for animal health.

Pharmazeutischer Grosshandel - Nutztiermedizin
Pharmazeutischer Grosshandel - Nutztiermedizin
Pharmazeutischer Grosshandel - Nutztiermedizin
Pharmazeutischer Grosshandel - Nutztiermedizin

Our range of services:

  • Veterinary medicines
  • Antiparasitics to prevent infections with parasites
  • Anti-infectives against infectious diseases caused by bacteria or viruses
  • Veterinary medicinal products for euthanasia
  • Supplementary feed
  • Emergency supply
  • Support in case of supply shortages

Fast and personal service for:
Veterinarians and agricultural trade

Horses – we bring health to 4 hooves

Optimal performance of horses goes hand in hand with the health and well-being of the animals. We ensure the medical care of horses with a balanced range of medicines and supplementary feeds and offer personal support for veterinarians and special clinics for horses.

Docano - Gesundheit für Pferde

Our range of services:

  • Equine medicines
  • Worming cures
  • Supplementary feeds
  • Veterinary medicines for euthanasia
  • Supply in case of shortages
  • CBD for horses

Fast and personal service for:
Veterinarians and specialist equine clinics

CBD for animals – we bring healthy alternatives into play

With our special CBD range for pets and equine, we offer an alternative and supportive therapy to protect animal health. CBD can have a stimulating effect on the animals’ nervous system and help with anxiety and stress, chronic pain as well as infections and wound healing. Through the highly-tolerated CBD oil, the inner balance of stressed animals can be restored. CBD snacks and supplementary feeds serve to promote the general health and strengthen the immune system of the animals.

Our range of services:

  • CBD oil
  • CBD care products
  • CBD food supplements
  • CBD supplementary feed
  • CBD snacks
  • … and much more

We support you in choosing the right CBD products for animals or people.

Become a partner – we do a lot for our customers

Our goal is a long-term partnership at eye-level, based on mutual trust and bringing sustainable success for you and our company. We are happy to optimise your purchasing and increase supply security – especially in the event of shortages.


With us as a partner at your side, we can jointly achieve an improvement in the pharmaceutical logistics chain while at the same time reducing health care costs. Through targeted purchasing, we increase the availability of medicines.


We work closely with various partners in the healthcare sector. Together, we contribute to the optimisation of supply chains. We improve your regular purchasing and ensure consistent availability for you.

Veterinarians & veterinary clinics

We are partners for veterinary medicines, supplementary feeds, repurposed medicines (e.g. human medicine) and at home in various markets. We offer an individual solution for your needs – especially in case of shortages.


As a wholesale partner, you benefit from our extensive supplier network and in-depth knowledge in the procurement of medicines. Expand your reach and maximise the quantities available to you.